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    Pesticide manufacturer sues European Commission to block ban of insecticide

    Free Speech Radio News, radio spot, 27 August, 2013

    The Swiss chemical giant Syngenta is taking the European Commission to court, trying to stop an impending ban on a best-selling pesticide linked to the decline of bees. Liam Moriarty reports from France.

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    Eagles chase herons from Seattle's largest colony

    KPLU-FM (Seattle, WA, USA) radio spot, 13 May, 2013

    The great blue heron is one of Washington’s most iconic birds. So is the bald eagle. Now, it seems eagle attacks on heron nests are driving herons to abandon the largest colony in Seattle. And volunteers are asking local residents to help them figure out where the herons have gone. More from KPLU’s Liam Moriarty …

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    Task force to probe zoo elephant concerns

    KPLU-FM (Seattle, Washington, USA) radio spot, 18 April, 2013

    After years of controversy over the welfare of the elephants at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, a task force of community leaders is ready to meet for the first time. Their goal is figure out what’s best for the zoo’s three elephants. KPLU’s Liam Moriarty has more.

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