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    Enviros push to eliminate oil industry tax break

    KPLU-FM (Seattle, Washington, USA) radio spot, 19 April, 2013

    The search for ways to reduce Washington’s more than $1billion budget shortfall has led Governor Jay Inslee to suggest eliminating some little-known tax breaks long enjoyed by various industries. One of these loopholes saves millions each year for an industry that didn’t even exist in the state when the tax break was created. KPLU’s Liam Moriarty explains …


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    The French Sour on Nuclear Power

    PRI’s The World radio feature, 24 April, 2012

    France gets a larger share of its electricity from nuclear power than any other country. But as Liam Moriarty reports, a year after the Fukushima disaster public support is eroding, and for the first time nuclear power has become an issue in a presidential election.

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    The world’s biggest polluters pressure the EU to abandon anti-global warming policies

    Free Speech Radio News feature, 24 February, 2012

    The European Union’s efforts to combat global warming are increasingly angering other countries, including the U.S. These countries – and their powerful industries – are now pressuring E.U. officials to weaken or abandon some of the strongest climate policies in the world.

    From France, FSRN’s Liam Moriarty has more.