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    Pesticide manufacturer sues European Commission to block ban of insecticide

    Free Speech Radio News, radio spot, 27 August, 2013

    The Swiss chemical giant Syngenta is taking the European Commission to court, trying to stop an impending ban on a best-selling pesticide linked to the decline of bees. Liam Moriarty reports from France.

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    Greenpeace activists occupy French nuclear power plant

    Free Speech Radio News, radio spot, 15 July, 2013

    Nearly 30 Greenpeace activists broke into a nuclear power plant in southern France just before dawn today. They hung banners and projected messages on the darkened building calling on President Francois Hollande to keep last year’s campaign promise to dramatically reduce France’s dependence on nuclear power. FSRN’s Liam Moriarty has more.

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    French politicos say “Give Snowden asylum”

    Free Speech Radio News radio spot, 3 July, 2013

    Europe continues to steam over the latest allegations of American spying on EU officials, amid growing demands to postpone US– EU trade talks slated to begin on Monday. Meanwhile, French political parties on both the left and right are calling for fugitive American whistleblower Edward Snowden to be offered asylum in France. FSRN’s Liam Moriarty has more.

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    EU reacts to new US spying allegations

    Free Speech Radio News radio spot, 1 July, 2013

    European leaders responded with anger to newly leaked top-secret documents that indicate US intelligence agencies bugged European Union offices in New York, Washington, DC and Brussels, tapping their phones and fax machines and accessing EU computer systems. From France, FSRN’s Liam Moriarty has more.

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