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    Singing with the whales: Using music to reach across the species barrier

    Reprinted from Island Times, June 30, 1999.


    Whales haven’t often seen humans at their best.

    Much of the history of human-whale interaction has consisted of them getting shot, harpooned or captured to spend their lives jumping through hoops in swimming pools.

    Even in recent years, as the public imagination has transformed whales from monsters to teddy bears, noisy boat engines and the occasional scientist’s biopsy dart are all about all we


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    Peace in our time: The US-Canada fish war is over; the fish won ...

    Reprinted from Island Times, June 9, 1999.


    When American and Canadian officials presented their hard-wrought ten-year salmon treaty in Seattle last Friday, they declared the pact marked the beginning of a turnaround for depleted salmon stocks on both sides of the border.

    Commercial fishermen in the San Juans, however, didn’t fare well in the deal. They saw a hefty chunk of their share of the abundant Fraser River sockeye salmon run


    High Noon on the Friendly Isle

    Reprinted from Island Times, May 5, 1999.

    Lopez Island cell tower opponents get ready for the final showdown with AirTouch Cellular

    By Liam Moriarty

    After three years of rancorous hearings, appeals and lawsuits, telecommunications giant US West/AirTouch has received final permits to construct two 100-foot cell phone towers on Lopez Island. AirTouch officials say they intend to break ground soon.

    Cell tower opponents, rebuffed by the courts, say they’re prepared to physically block construction


    Taking Care of Business: The Randy Previs Files

    Reprinted from Island Times, February 9, 1999.

    A four-part Island Times investigative series


    Part One: Overview

    The man who would be king of Orcas Island’s largest marina has a long and well-documented history of financial failures and questionable business dealings.

    Developer Randy Previs, conducting business under at least 22 separate corporate and partnership names since 1979, has left behind him a twenty-year-long trail of bankruptcies, foreclosures, defaulted loans, broken promises, unpaid