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    Public Speaking

    As a journalist, Liam has often made presentations to public groups and moderated panel discussions on a range of topics. He brings knowledgable insight, focus and humor to his presentations and makes for a lively and interesting event.

    Here are a few video excerpts and some recommendations from event sponsors…

    Liam made opening remarks and moderated a discussion at this community presentation on climate change in Olympia, Washington in Oct. 2007. The panel guests were author Terry Tempest Williams and New York Times environment reporter Andrew Revkin.


    Liam moderated a panel discussion about food and the ethics of animal agriculture for a March, 2011, event in Seattle, Washington sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

    “At Whole Foods Market, we asked Liam Moriarty to moderate a panel discussion on animal welfare and the humane treatment of farm animals. Liam was meticulous in his preparation, creating a compelling, open and honest discussion among the various experts on the panel. Throughout the evening, Liam introduced just the right amount of humor and tension to keep the audience fully engaged. Liam’s role that night was critical to the event’s success.”

    – Ann Marie Ricard, Curator, PR for Whole Foods Market


    Liam made opening remarks and moderated two panels during this day-long community forum on climate change sponsored by the Women’s League of Voters in Snohomish County, Washington in October, 2008.


    More testimonials from organizers of events at which Liam has made presentations:

    “Liam was an invited speaker for our plenary session at our 2011 conference. He spoke effectively about the importance of, and tips for, successful conveyance of a message to a non-science based audience. He presented in a manner that was engaging. He captured the audience’s attention from the beginning, focusing on language and expression instead of strictly facts and statistics. His approach, personality, and vast experience in the subject all contributed to his ability to successfully convey his message. I couldn’t have hoped to find a better presenter for speaking to the need for effectively communicating scientific findings to the public.”

    – Aimee McIntyre, Washington Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology


    “Liam Moriarty gave the closing talk at our regional summit for community volunteers working on climate change outreach in northwest Washington. He brought a deep understanding of many connected environmental issues, along with a realistic perspective on how complex the solutions can be. His broad experience with the climate change issue runs from international conferences and treaties to regional, multi-state initiatives, down to local, citizen-initiated community projects.”

    – Susan Wood, Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Mount Vernon, Washington