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    Radio Features

    Liam has produced many award-winning long-form public radio reports and multi-part series. Here are some examples:


    US Seafood Industry Braces for Japan Crisis Impact

    National Park Set to Open After Deluge

    Some Regions Better Prepared for High-Speed Rail


    The World

    EU Environmental Laws Influence US

    The French Sour on Nuclear Power

    Country Line Dance Lives in France



    Portraits of the Fallen

    Homeless in the ‘Burbs

    Scooping Up Behind Killer Whales

    The Meaning of Work: High on the Job


    KPLU Special Series:

    Reflections on the Water

    Twenty conversations from around the region with fishermen, scientists, artists, conservationists, Native people and more, talking about their deep connections to the Salish Sea.


    Europe and Us: Growing a Green Future

    Liam rides bikes in Paris, tours solar apartments in Germany, zips through the Belgian countryside on high-speed trains, and more, in this five-part series comparing how Europe and the Pacific Northwest approach energy, transportation, recycling, and other environmental challenges.


    The French Connection

    Comparing Approaches to Education in France and Washington State

    Part One: Early Childhood Education

    Part Two: Parental Involvement

    Part Three: Foreign Language Education